Frequently Asked Questions

* How long does my order come from?
Your orders that you give before 15:00 on weekdays and 10:00 on Saturdays and 10:00 on Saturday are delivered to the following day and delivered within 1-3 business days by DHL CARGO depending on the city where the cargo will be sent.

* How much will I pay for the cargo? The cargo of the products you buy from our site comes from DHL CARGO. You can send the products to us in 7 days (20/30 (SEE $) for the 2018 contract price and you can send the products to us in 7 days with DHL CARGO. When the exchange is completed and the product is sent back to you, the shipping cost will be paid by you from our contracted prices.

 * How can I get my order if Kargom has arrived and has not found me?
If you are not at the address given, your order will be delivered to the nearest branch of the Cargo branch and you will be left with an information note. Within 2 days you must collect your package from the specified branch. Otherwise, your order will be returned to AYAKKABITUTKUSU.COM. You can request a return of your returned order within 2 business days.

* How will I pay my return?
If you make your payment by Money Transfer / EFT or by Door Payment, your refund will be returned to you via Wire Transfer / EFT if you have received your payment by credit card / install. The procedure will be returned to your credit card every month by dividing the number of installments. This procedure is determined by your bank, not by SHOE PASSION com. your credit card. Return of transactions made with wire transfer / EFT is made within 7 business days after the return product is received. Bride shoes can not be made a return change is made.

* What should I do if I want to return the product?
Within 7 days of the day your order is received, you can return the product's invoice with the following criteria.
-We would like to send the returned product together with ARAS Cargo (0232 436 34 79) with the invoice. (Return-exchange products sent without prepayment will not be accepted by us)
- After submitting your order, you can request ARAS Cargo's shipping code if necessary. Please keep your shipment code in case you have no problems.
You can write any questions about the return to
If the product you have purchased has returned to you and you wish to return the product, the product price is returned to you and the shipping cost is not refunded.
Bride shoes can not be made a return change is made.

In which cases can I not request a refund?
WEDDING SHOE SHOULD NOT BE WRITTEN IN THE SHOES. Please note that the package of the product sent to you for acceptance of your return request must not be damaged, the product has not been used and it has not been damaged.

· The return of custom products cannot be accepted.
· Damaged products cannot be returned by user error (fall, crash, etc.).
· Product; invoice, original box, original packaging and cut-off label, including the documents and all the accessories that are sent alongside. Products must be unused and intact for the return to take place.
· Please do not stick the cargo label on the original box or not use duct tape. Otherwise, the return process will not be performed.

Return time
Our customers have the right to withdraw from the distance sale contract without giving any reason within seven (7) days pursuant to Article 7 of the Regulation on Distance Protection under Consumer Protection Act No. 4077.

You can send the product to us with the invoice within 7 days following the day your order is received. If you want to change the product you want to change the original box and the package is not damaged, unused product and all accessories, along with the cargo (+90232 436 34 79) Stilo Ortopedik Ayakkabı San.TicLtd.Şti paid the price of the cargo. 6112 sk. no: 1/24 Trade Center Işıkkent / İzmir (exchange products without prepaid and original barcode box will not be accepted by us.) Shipments are accepted only when DHL Cargo is made.